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About Al-Saif Arabia for Projects

A leading company in Saudi Arabia has been established since 2006 and has specialized in supporting digital projects, technological infrastructure solutions and the supply of all electronic products and devices through international brands.

In keeping with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, which encourages business to incorporate the ideas of sustainability, adaptability, and innovation into daily operations, a Saudi parent firm is interested in developing an integrated ecosystem and cutting-edge technical solutions.

Why Al-Saif Arabia for Projects?

The one in the eastern region in Saudi Arabia which providing digital projects and electronic solutions in line with Saudi vision 2030. - Design and implementation of the information ecosystem of private and government-owned companies. - Design and implementation of Fiber networks in new urban areas. - Supervision and implementation of information and data centers. - We are distributors of the world's most famous electronics manufacturers.

Technological solutions

Al-Saif Arabia for Projects helps automate all tasks and contributes to the provision of all technical infrastructure solutions for digital transformation processes, advancing technological development in businesses.

Electronic products

It aids in the automation of operational and managerial tasks and boosts employers' ability to compete in global markets.

VoIP devices

Voice over IP is a phone service that is delivered through the internet network.

Attendance and Departure Devices

Solutions to help with the daily, weekly, and monthly reporting of every staff member's attendance, leave, accomplishment, or tardiness at the level of all departments of the institution.

Security Devices and Surveillance Systems

Solutions allow employers to keep an eye on their workers' systems and output using data records that are installed and connected to security services.

Suppliers of Computing Hardware

Whatever your requirements are for computers and laptops, you'll find what you want in Al-Saif Arabia for Projects stores.

Conference Room Technology

Making the most of the processing capabilities of the room, we provide creative approaches for managing conference rooms and meetings

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We take pride in the fact that we have gained the confidence of numerous institutions across various industries in Saudi Arabia.

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